I’ve seriously struggled to come up with any ideas about what to blog about in the last few weeks. It seems a little inappropriate to be blogging about photography projects while there’s a pandemic going on! 

But then, last week, I got hit by the biggest CRAVING to go out and shoot, even for a little while. As a photographer, or even as a creative person, I missed that feeling of creating something, even for just a few minutes. There are only so many photographs I can take of my cats, you know? I realise, though, that getting out with the camera may be frowned upon, or even get you in trouble in some countries right now. I do maintain that a simple walk is not enough for some of us. Being able to stop and take a few photographs is as much for our mental health as anything else.

So, I figured a post that shared some simple tips for a quick photography session during your lockdown walk might be a good idea. Brace yourself, let’s make this one fast!

Plan Your Route

The idea of these photography sessions is to keep them short and sweet. You don’t want to be wandering around for hours, drawing attention to yourself and getting in trouble. Especially if you’re living in an area where outdoor time is limited. For some people, the idea of even seeing you out with your camera might spark some reactions. Some may deem it not to be an “essential” reason to be out and about right now. So, if you keep your walk short, you’ll minimise the possibility of upsetting anyone. 

Choose Your Time Wisely

As photographers, you know the light is important when it comes to capturing photos. So choose times of the day that will give you the best light. Early morning or late evening will give you the softest and warmest light. Or why not shoot in the midday sun if you want to challenge yourself?

Keep Your Kit Simple

Don’t be tempted to take a giant backpack with all your lenses, filters and a tripod with you. There’s nothing quick and easy about taking photos if you’re planning on using all that stuff. Not to mention, you’ll be about as inconspicuous as a giant sunflower in a field of lavender! Pop one lens on your camera body, stick it on a strap and over your arm. By limiting your kit, you’re removing the temptation to spend hours trying to get the perfect photograph. You’re setting yourself a great challenge too! I love nothing more than heading out with just my 35mm lens on my camera and seeing what I can get.

Focus On Details

As you walk, focus in on the small details – blossoms on a tree, graffiti on a wall, a fence, a path or any other features you see. You could even set yourself little challenges – photographing leaf shapes, interesting doors or chimneys as you walk. Part of this exercise is to maintain your mental health so slowing down to look for things will help with this.

Set A Challenge

Make it a game. Test yourself! Set yourself a particular challenge when you go out with your camera. Perhaps you’ll only shoot into the sun. Or you’ll only aim to capture movement. You could set yourself a shooting limit. Only allow yourself 30 shots for your entire walk, almost as if you were shooting with film!

There you go! Those are my tips for a quick photography session while living in the time of a lockdown. And, if things are too strict for even the shortest photo walk, please don’t go getting yourself in trouble. Stick to photography challenges either in your home or garden until restrictions have been lifted.

Stay safe folks!

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