I suppose the best way to start any story is from the very beginning. So, here we go…

There once was a girl who had a desire to create. She would write stories and poems and take photographs and act in plays. She read books and magazines and explored websites like DeviantArt and LiveJournal and AllPoetry, always hunting for inspiration to carry on creating. And then, one day, the girl got a sensible job and, almost overnight, the creativity stopped. She stopped writing and photographing, she quit the theatre group she was a member of, because the day job just didn’t allow her the time to get to rehearsals every week.

For a while she didn’t notice what had happened. For a while she didn’t miss it. She was too busy earning a wage, learning to be the best that she could be in her job and too exhausted to do anything else on her days off.

But, as a creative person I’m sure you’ll understand, there’s only so long that something like this can go on for. And finally she realised that there was a large hole in her life, a glaring abnormality. But it had been so long since she had taken pen to paper, so long since she had lifted a camera to her eye, she simply didn’t know what to do! Thankfully, over time and after one crazy afternoon where she decided to try and start painting before realising she really had absolutely no idea what she was doing, she started to find a love for photography again. She photographed trees and walls and flowers and landscapes and park benches and skies and beautiful architecture that caught her eye. And yet, something was still off.

On her 30th birthday she made a decision. She decided to start a blog and in one of her very early posts, inspired by a book she had read, she decided she was no longer going to close herself off to possibilities and invitations. She was going to start saying yes! Within days of writing that blog post, two friends contacted her and asked her to photograph their wedding! And you know what she said? Yes! She said No!

Yes, that’s right. She said no. Overwhelmed by fear of the unknown and afraid of disappointing her friends, she made her excuses and tried to walk away. Thankfully, her friends were pretty stubborn and incredibly persuasive so, boosted by their confidence and the memory of a certain blog post, she quietly agreed.

Never having photographed a wedding before, in fact, never having even photographed people before except in holiday snaps and drunken night out photos, it’s safe to say our girl made a lot of mistakes. She quickly learnt that photographing a wedding is not like photographing flowers in a vase or the changing light in an old building. People are far less predictable, far more disagreeable… and a whole lot more exciting and fun! She went home from that first wedding absolutely buzzing with excitement. Her skin literally tingled with it and she knew, then and there, that this is what she wanted to do. People were the missing link for her.

What followed is a journey that many creative people take. It was the journey of discovery Рfinding herself, finding her style and finding her true passion and calling within her art.

And, of course, I’m sure you’ve probably guessed, that girl was me. After a bumpy, scary, crazy, exciting, passionate, colourful journey of over a decade, I finally feel that I have arrived at a place where I can share my experiences, where I can show others starting their journeys that, “Look, hey! If I can do it, then you can too!”. I have arrived at the start of a whole new journey and I’m incredibly excited to share it with you.

So, to begin, please tell me about something you struggle with daily with your photography. It can be anything – technical or creative, it’s up to you. And I’ll do my best to talk through those struggles and offer helpful advice in future blog posts. Please do subscribe to the blog as well to keep up to date!