My name is Sarah and I am the owner and photographer at SARAH WAYTE PHOTOGRAPHY, based in Chelmsford, Essex.

I think it’s important to mention my credentials, especially if you’re interested in having me mentor you. Here they are:

  • I have none.

I am completely self-taught by way of magazines, books and online forums. I’ve taken the odd detour via online courses which I’ve rarely finished (I’m a bit pants like that) and I’ve attended several life-changingly amazing workshops in more recent years and, yep, that pretty much sums me up.

Just so you know…

So when I say, “If I can do this, anyone can.” I really do mean it.

Things that make me go Mmmm…

My hubby and my cat babies, Lewie + Lola. My family. Reading. Movies. Music with great lyrics. A wicked hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows. Italian food. Travelling. A clear night sky. Positivity. Mindfulness. Meditation. My cameras. 

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