Here comes an old fart moment…

When I first started learning photography, the internet was around but blogging was very much in its infancy and YouTube wasn’t really that well known yet.

The main source of knowledge of amateur photographers like myself was from magazines and online forums. I spent a small fortune on magazines – piles and piles of them! So when blogs came along, I was more than a little bit happy. Think of all that space I was saving, for a start!

Over the years I have followed a good number of photography blogs. Some have been interesting and useful, some have been all about gear or one aspect of photography and some have simply churned out news picked up from all the other photography blogs. It’s hard to figure out what’s what when you’re first starting out though – there is far too much choice and not nearly enough time to figure out what is most helpful to you! 

Never fear, I’m here to help. I’ve read probably just about every big photography blog going in one capacity or another over the last seven years, so here is my shortlist of the top 5 photography blogs worth reading and following, in no particular order! 

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F Stoppers

This particular blog is a bit of a mixed bag and, I have to admit, is not always my favourite photography blog to read because it can be quite tech and brand heavy, which doesn’t interest me in the slightest! 

However, from time to time, it shares some useful hints, tips and lessons and some great YouTube videos. 

Its style is quite magazine-like and the tone is quite conversational. It’s an easy-read and they post a lot and extremely frequently. 

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JPEGmini Blog

There has been a surge in good blogging coming from companies in the photography industry in the last few years. JPEGmini is a software which can be purchased to compress large files without losing any quality (I can vouch for how awesome it is!). More recently they have been producing a really good quality blog with lots of advice for photographers written by photographers… (erhem, you might even find a post on there from yours truly!). I love that the blog posts are more about being a photographer, or the business of being a photographer rather than being about gear or technicalities. And the language used in the posts is written simply and at a level we can all understand. 

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Clickin Moms

Clickin Moms is probably a bit of a surprise entry for me, given that I’m not a mother! But even if you’re not a parent, you can definitely appreciate the quality of the posts on this blog. 

Most of the blog posts are geared towards being a photography Mum, of course. But many of the topics can easily be adapted to your particular genre and there’s a ton of great advice on there. 

I also swoon over the amazing photography on display in each blog post. It’s a huge community now so I’m not sure who the main photographer is for the site but the use of light and shadow and their editing is completely on point and will certainly give you a goal to aim for!

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Here’s another awesome photography service/product provider doing great things with their blog. Which goes to show you folks, if you persist with blogging and do it well, a great following will eventually be had! 

Shootproof provide awesome online galleries but they also can be used to invoice clients and send out contracts. I absolutely love their contract system – it’s so easy to use and I get a ton of comments from people about how professional it looks when it comes through to them. I made the switch to Shootproof a few years ago now and I haven’t regretted it for a moment. 

I only became aware of their blog around six months ago and it makes for some great reading. They do interviews, photographer features and also share great advice posts mainly geared towards the business of being a photographer, but certainly well worth a read! 

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David duChemin

Of course, I’ve saved the best for last! 

I stumbled across David duChemin’s blog after a recommendation from a fellow photographer and instantly fell in love with the way this man writes about one of my all-time favourite subjects. He has such incredible passion for photography – for the bones of it, the heart and soul of it – which totally speaks to me, of course!

I share quite a few of his posts on social media and I’ve bought all of his books that I can lay my hands on so far. Here is a man who writes just as well as he captures images and it is a joy to read whatever he puts out there.

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So there you have it, my top 5 photography blog posts online right now. There are, of course, many more to pick and choose from and you may find some others that I don’t know about. Just remember, if you do, to drop a comment below as I always love to know about other blogs out there! 

And I hope you get some enjoyment out of these blogs and learn a few things along the way too!