Learn how to

Take Photographs
with heart + soul

Anyone can point a camera and press the shutter… CLICK. It’s as simple as that.

Sure there are lots of technical things to learn like f stops and shutter speeds and so on, but the stuff that doesn’t get taught – what’s behind an image, the soul and the emotion… well, that’s what I want to teach.

With maybe a bit of the technical stuff too… y’know! 😉

There once was a girl who picked up a camera and, with no clue about what she was doing, started taking photographs.

She shot...

…whatever pleased her. She photographed things because it gave her complete joy. She put a little bit of herself into each and every image.

She tried...

…to understand the technical stuff – apertures and ISOs and all those numbers and things. But found she often missed the mark and became frustrated.

One day...

…the lightbulb was switched on. She realised that actually it didn’t really matter how much she knew about technical stuff. Photography could be deeper than that.

In case you hadn't guessed...

That girl was me.

Find out more about the girl that put herself behind the camera.

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